Mending Collective

Mending Collective members: Leeza Doreian, Liz Harvey, Danielle Wright
Mending Collective is a new collective of artists who wish to create a space for people to come together to learn and practice visual mending techniques. We are concerned with economic models built on burgeoning consumption and waste specifically within the garment industry, but indicative of production in general. We explore the traditional practices of mending as a means to counter this narrative.

We offer the shared sensory, economic, and social experiences of mending together. In mending, one becomes aware of the quality of the clothing one wears, skills development meets the bounty of benefits for the mender in the actions of mending, and frugality’s inherent sensuality becomes apparent. Founding members are Leeza Doreian, Amanda Eicher, and Liz Harvey.

Instagram: mending_collective

Common Threads
Mending Collective-curated exhibition of work by Carole Frances Lung, aka Frau Fiber; Mansur Nurullah; and Angie Wilson. Peripheral Visions program at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, CA. Through Dec. 15, 2018.
Frau Fiber Against the Machine, Carole Frances Lung
Ida B. Wells, Mansur Nurullah
Top: Angie Wilson
Left: Freak Flag #5, Angie Wilson

100 Days Action "Make Do and Mend" Workshop

March 5, 2017 at Southern Exposure, San Francisco